Midweek Message

September 2, 2014

Jim Hopkins

September 2, 2014

And so we welcome September… Hurrying to get this sent today…
The central Scripture in our Service of Worship and Communion on September 7 will be Romans 13: 8-14. As this section of the text concludes Paul tells the Romans to “put on the armor of light,” and to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ.”
In a time and place in which “putting on” has a variety of meanings and what we “put on,” in terms of what we wear (or don’t wear), can gain instant attention on Twitter, Facebook and all forms of social media, it is helpful to think for a moment on what it means to put on Christ.
At the very least it means that, just as what we wear is a way of saying something about ourselves, our faith is a means of self-identification.  Just as we put time and energy into selecting our clothing, our faith requires some time and energy, some cleaning and mending.  Just as one size or style of clothing does not fit all, someone else’s faith may not be just like our faith.
As we gather at the table of Communion we will affirm our ongoing desire to “put on Christ,” to put on, and grow into, our Jesus-like identities.

Prayers of the Congregation

(An abbreviated list this week. I find it most helpful if you email me your prayer concerns or write them on the back of the Sunday registration cards. Thanks.)

  • All who are grieving
  • All who are searching for housing and employment
  • All our students and teachers as the academic year begins
  • Shirley Jones
  • Thanksgiving with the Johnson, Ott, Glann and Harrison families on the wedding on Don and Nicole
  • Kay Baxter for Stacy, Jamie and Tess Benin
  • The Evans family
  • Bettigene Johnson, at home after being hospitalized in August
  • West Africa – Ebola Virus
  • A just resolution to the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine
  • A global and comprehensive  approach to violent  entities like ISIS and conditions that encourage their growth
  • The children and families fleeing Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador


Soup and Study resumes tonight (September 2). Dean LeAnn Flesher of ABSW will be with us to give an Introduction to Ecclesiastes.