Midweek Message

Saturday Update, April 4

Jim Hopkins

April 3, 2020


We have a wonderful Palm Sunday worship service, including communion, in store this Sunday. In advance please send Pastor Allison your prayers and prepare to have some bread and grape juice/wine with you at your computer.

One of the significant community concerns about COVID-19 is addressing a potential outbreak in our jails. A coalition LABC is part of, The Interfaith Coalition for Justice in Our Jails, a coalition connected to Faith In Action East Bay, is addressing that concern as reflected in this article from The Daily Californian. https://www.dailycal.org/2020/04/02/santa-rita-jail-adjusts-as-organizations-call-for-action-amid-covid-19/

In a similar vein, Pastor Allison, our Sanctuary Working Group and the Interfaith Movement for Human Dignity are working hard to address the well-being of persons detained by ICE.

Our online gathering today is A Time For Prayer led by Pastor Carolyn at 10:00. On Sunday worship is at 10:00 with Bible Study at 11:45.