Sacred Resistance

Allison Tanner

July 13, 2019

Dear Lakeshore Family,

The Department of Social Concerns and our Sanctuary Working Group have agreed that if there are mass raids in the Bay Area in the next few days, we will open our sanctuary to provide a safe space for those in need. This will be a temporary action, not to be confused with offering long-term sanctuary to a specific family. It will last as long as there are real threats of ICE raids to residents in our communities who are vulnerable to detention or deportation.

This action comes at the request of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, our partner in Sanctuary work, and is part of the National Sanctuary Movement enacting sacred resistance to the racist and inhumane actions of our government toward immigrants. We will be one of a network of congregations (locally and nationally) that provide respite and safety during the raids.

Following worship tomorrow, we will have a congregational conversation about what this action entails, and invite the congregation to participate in our commitment to welcome the stranger and love our neighbor in this way. If you cannot be at church tomorrow, but would like to help out, please contact me directly so we can include you in our planning. Specifically, we will need people to be at church to host and protect people, provide meals, potentially stay overnight with our guests or open your homes to those in need, and help with translation.

We are still working out all the details, but we do know that as many in our community are living in great fear, we will provide spaces where people can find safety and welcome. Please join us tomorrow and we figure out how we can best care for our neighbors.

Praying for peace and working for justice,

Pastor Allison