Christian Education

Reflecting On These Days

Carolyn Matthews

August 12, 2021

This past weekend, several members of the Lakeshore family attended the all church family retreat at Redwood Glen.  There will be more on this in the upcoming Transmitter, but here are a few things that I would like to pass on to the LABC family.

We had an opportunity to confront those things that some of us dismissed, ignored, or put in the background so we would not have to deal with the reality of the “now.” Together we learned that the broken pieces need not be tossed away but perhaps could be brought together and reformed into something more beautiful.

Our children and youth were not only blessed but blessed us with a report of their experiences. They taught us that prayer, blessing others, self-care, making a commitment to service, dealing in a positive way with anger (taking a step back, breathing), and maybe realizing that sometimes God trusts us to do the work and deal with some of life’s situations. Timeless lessons for all ages.

A few more takeaways:
Confronting our pain and/or grief
Ask for help when needed
Listen (really intentionally) to one another
Encourage one another
Compassion for self and those around us – in essence being the people we are called to be as people of God

Our hope is to continue these reflections/lessons with all of our Lakeshore community. Keep an eye open for more as we continue to journey together through this time.

Together in Faith,
Pastor Carolyn

Upcoming Meetings

Saturday – 10:00 AM Time for Prayer
Psalm 72

(LABC Scholarship Applications due)
10:00 AM – Worship
11:45 AM – Adult Bible Study
2:00 PM – George Lee Memorial Service (see note below)

A Note From the Lee Family

We would like to invite you to come and celebrate the life of our father, George Lee at his memorial service at Lakeshore on Sunday August 15th at 2pm. 

Dad was such a gentle and loving person and we want to remember him with joy.  Current public health guidelines require masks for indoor gatherings.  In addition, we ask that you only attend if you are vaccinated and bring your proof of vaccination with you.  Dad would want us to do all that we can to protect each other.  Please come and remember George’s life and warm heart with us.  We look forward to seeing you there!