Public Witness

Public Witness Opportunities – May

Allison Tanner

May 4, 2022

Public Witness Forum, May 1 – May’s Public Witness Forum will feature Rev. Jojo Gabuya, a Filipinx asylum seeker and ordained minister at the Church For the Fellowship of All Peoples. Rev. Jojo identifies as non-binary/transgender and has a powerful story of forced migration, faith, and the ongoing search for safety. Rev. Jojo is a recent graduate of Pacific School of Religion and partners with Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.

Public Witness Bible Study, May 3 and 4 – This past January The Most Reverend John Wester, Archbishop of Santa Fe, shared a pastoral letter urging peace-making in these war-torn times. We will read from his powerful letter Living in the Light of Christ’s Peace: A Conversation Toward Nuclear Disarmament and discuss what it means to be peace-makers in this moment.

 Pilgrimage for Just Closures, Healthy Communities and Better Futures

May 28-June 1, 2022 (one-day option May 28)

Lakeshore will participate in a pilgrimage led by Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity to discuss just closures of detention centers, draw links between incarceration and detention, and highlight the profit-driven motives of detention and incarceration. The pilgrimage will feature stories and voices of people who are currently detained, formerly detained, and their families, as well as ways we can advocate for the ending detention in California.

You can join this pilgrimage in two ways:

  • One day experience, May 28 – join us in person for the first day of our pilgrimage which begins at San Quinton and travels to Yuba County Jail, the last county jail in CA to function as an ICE detention Center.
  • Virtual engagement – at each of the detention centers, there will be a virtual vigil you an participate in. You can follow the pilgrimage daily or choose one vigil to join to hear stories, offer prayers, learn more and dream and work together for just closures, healthy communities and better futures

Please pray for Lakeshore’s pilgrims: Sergio, Jesse Lucas and me.


Pastor Allison