This Sunday at Lakeshore

Pride Sunday Worship – September 6

Jim Hopkins

September 5, 2020

“What we say about God says a lot about us.”
The Reverend Junia R. Joplin

The Forum precedes worship at 8:45 this morning. Bible Study follows worship at 11:45

Welcome – Jim/Chuck
Prelude – Stan
Lord’s Pray – Alean
Psalm for Today – Alean
Hymn – “Lead Me, Guide Me” Lakeshore Ensemble
Children’s Time – Jim
Greetings – Reverend June Joplin
Anthem – “Raise Your Hands” Jeff Becker, Donald Martin, Trente Morant
Old Testament Reading – Genesis 19: 1-21 Jim
New Testament Reading – Matthew 22: 36-40 Marleigh
Sermon – We Can Love the Bible and Love our Neighbors
Communion Hymn – “Come Share the Lord” LABC Ensemble
Service of Communion – Allison
Pastoral Prayer – Carolyn
Farewell – Carolyn/Chuck
Closing Hymn – “Go in Peace” LABC Ensemble
Benediction – Sandra
Postlude – Stan
Good Byes – All

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Prayers for a safe and meaningful Labor Day. Respect for the members of LABC who are members of labor unions.