Public Witness

Prayers for our Pilgrimage

Allison Tanner

May 27, 2022

Lakeshore Pilgrimage participants Pastor Tanner, Jesse Lucas, Sergio Lopez, Paige Bence, Alice Butler, Dale Edmondson, Beverly Jeffrey and Mary Sue Meads are excited to embark on our sojourn tomorrow morning. We ask prayers for travel mercies, better understanding of the harms of immigrant detention, vision for how to bring an end to these harms, and for all who are harmed by the violence of these systems. We will carry with us photos of our friends Oscar, Charles Joseph and Sergio, honoring their experiences and offering prayers for continued healing from the harms they have endured.

To join in the pilgrimage virtually, and learn more about immigrant detention and the various centers we are traveling, check out this amazing resource guide for learning, reflection and action. All vigils and ceremonies can be viewed on Lakeshore’s facebook page and on Interfaith Movement For Human Integrity’s Facebook page.

We look forward to sharing our experiences, learnings and invitations to engage in action in worship on June 26.


Resource Guide to Learn, Reflect and Take Action

A Pilgrimage Prayer for Transformation:

We Honor what was here long before detention centers – sacred land, community, reciprocity and connection

We Listen to the cries of those who are in detention – unfairly, unjustly, unnecessarily caged and cruelly treated

We Mourn the heartbreak and pain of families and incomplete communities – suffering that  multiplies the hardships of loved ones and ripples throughout our cities and country

We Shed what no longer serves us and humanity – ways of violence and greed and fear and death, shaking off the evils of racism and xenophobia and all types of othering and subjugation

We Commit to creating thriving communities of connection and collaboration and care – joining those who have long been working for peace, justice and healing