Midweek Message

Pentecost Season – Wednesday, June 10

Jim Hopkins

June 10, 2020

A Prayer Emmanuel from Dr. Geetha Thaker – As many of you know my son Emmanuel is 26 months old. He loves people. He will say hello to everybody on the street. If you look Hispanic he will say Hola. He shares his food with strangers. At Starbucks he would offer a piece of his muffin to everyone that walks by. I am told he gives the best hugs. I agree!

When he came into our lives we knew as an African American man he can’t act the same way as his white male friends. If he gets pulled over while driving he must always have both hands visible on the wheel for fear that he may get shot from being mistaken for getting a gun. If he jogs he must always keep an ID on him and pray he doesn’t get mistaken for a burglar.

When I saw a the horrific picture of George Floyd’s death and how Ahmed Arbery was hunted and gun down. The killers charged only after a national protest. A spirit of fear and sadness gripped me. Afraid of what lies ahead for him. What made me sad are the post of my conservative Christian friends who are more outraged by the looting then seeing an unarmed man’s life being taken. Most if not all of their post reflect this outrage. How hard is our heart when a life taken becomes a footnote?

My prayer always is first for my son. God would protect him. He will not lose his love for people. He will be wise, caring and a compassionate leader. For our community, we come together, find solutions and heal. For my conservative Christian friends. God would break your heart and show you His heart and love for George Floyd and Ahmed Arbery. With us, you too would feel the gut wrenching pain his family feels. We are in pain and we fear for our own children’s lives. And to understand how their life and death matter and become the agent of change within your community and church.

An invitation from Julian Nesbitt to attend his senior recital (Today at 3:00)

Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study gathers this morning at 10:30.