Public Witness

Invest In Justice – Locally, Nationally and Globally

Allison Tanner

June 26, 2020

I believe in a God of Justice – a God of love and life and liberation. I believe that the voice of God is ringing out in the streets filled with protests, in the voices of those at city council meetings demanding more community resources, and in the thoughts of those who are re-considering policing and what it means to protect and serve the vulnerable in our communities. I believe the vision of God’s justice has local, national and global implications, and we are invited to participate in the shaping of a just and equitable world.

Because of my deep beliefs in the need for justice – both challenging injustice and investing our resources in building a just society that provides for all it’s residents – I will be participating in Counter CUFI: Invest In Justice. There are deep connections between the struggles for justice in the U.S. and in the Holy Land. Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is the largest pro-Israel lobby group in the U.S., co-opting Christian theology for political gain. They are supporting and accelerating Israel’s aggressive actions of injustice and inhumanity against the Palestinian people, including ongoing theft of land and resources, state violence and killings, demolition of homes and whole communities, restricting freedom of movement, and codifying racial divisions in apartheid laws. 

As a Christian, I am horrified by the ways CUFI is co-opting Christianity to promote these injustices. As an American, I am outraged that my tax dollars (the US gives $3.8 billion to Israel annually) are helping underwrite these atrocities. As a person of conscience I feel compelled to rise up, speak up and act up to demand better of my faith, my country, and my fellow human being. 

I invite you to join me this Sunday for an action holding Christians United for Israel accountable for their support of the racism against and colonization of Palestinian people and lands. We will demand that our government invest in justice both locally and abroad. This action will be grounded in a worship service in the Christian tradition, lifting up the prophetic cries for justice and righteousness. I have been organizing this powerful service entitled Enough! God Demands Justice and Righteousness based on Ezekiel 45:9 and Matthew 23:23.

I believe God’s visions of justice and liberation can be realized. I believe this moment of widespread outrage at business as usual has transformative power. I believe that there are ways each of us can participate in creating new ways of caring for one another. I hope you will join me in worship and action on Sunday!