Public Witness

Pass the VISION Act – End Double Punishment for Immigrants

Allison Tanner

June 24, 2022

Assemblymember Wendy Carillo, author of the VISION Act, on the State Capital Lawn


On Tuesday I gathered with over 200 advocates to deliver a letter to Governor Newsom urging him to sign the VISION Act into law. The VISION Act would end the ability of Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to collaborate with prisons and jails to transfer immigrants who have earned release directly into detention – a second form of imprisionment. The letter presented to Gov. Newsom shared the names of 140 people who have been harmed by these transfers. It included Oscar’s story who, upon receiving release from a 5 month jail sentence was directly transferred to ICE custody where he spent another 4 years imprisioned. He was only released because Lakeshore opened our sanctuary during COVID to provide an alternative place for him to stay.

Lakeshore is in strong support of the VISION Act. 70% of people currently in immigration detention are there because of these transfers and this bill would go a long way toward depopulating these immigration prisons. I encourage you to add your voice by calling Gov. Newsom today to support this bill. It is time to end ICE transfers! (Even if you have already reached out, please do so again – he needs to keep hearing from us!)

Dial (916) 445-2841 
Call Script: “Hi my name is _____, resident of __________, and a member of Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church in Oakland. I’m urging the Governor to take action on the letter delivered to him this week from impacted community members across California to support the VISION Act. 
Please protect all immigrants and refugees and keep families together. [Add any faith language you want to include!]”

Lakeshore Banner in support of the VISION Act on the State Capital Lawn

Thank you for making this important call and adding your voice to Lakeshore’s support of immigrant justice!
Praying for peace and working for justice,
Pastor Allison