Our Mission is indicative of who we are as a congregation.

We Believe That

A great way to get to know LABC and our purpose is through our Mission Statement.

“Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church is an inclusive community that embraces all followers of Jesus Christ. We worship, witness and work to advance God’s purpose in all of life. Empowered by the spirit, we strive to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.”

“Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church is an inclusive community that embraces all followers of Jesus Christ.”

Our church is welcoming of all people, embodying a deep commitment to celebrating the diversity of race, gender, and orientation. We invite you to discover the divine presence at the heart of our lives, expressed most beautifully in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. While sharing this common testimony, we understand that following Jesus will have different meanings for each of us, which is why we encourage varying perspectives, questions, and experiences.

“We worship, witness and work to advance God’s purpose in all of life.”

The heart of our community is in our gathered worship, where we pray for one another, sing joyfully, and reflect on the meaning of Scripture today. Worship reminds us of God’s purpose and inspires us to serve the neighbor, the stranger, and even the enemy through deeds of mercy and justice. Through our various ministries and programs, we aim to feed the hungry, comfort the grieving, and stand in solidarity with the oppressed and marginalized.

“Empowered by the spirit…”

The story of Jesus reveals our dependence on the God who created us, who redeems us from our selfish ways, and who sustains us in our trials. God is active in the heart of each person as the Holy Spirit, calling us toward a higher life than we can know in and of ourselves. At Lakeshore, we do not believe that anything we accomplish is by our strength alone. We attend to the Spirit in our midst, seeking to be transformed into the hands and feet of Christ.

“…we strive to do justice…”

The pursuit of justice begins with the affirmation that every person is made “in the image and likeness of God.” To love God properly is to love one another, a love that is rightly expressed when all are accorded a dignified life free from want, discrimination, and oppression. Our church is committed to enacting justice in the world because we believe that salvation is the rescue of the whole person from the effects of human sin. We learn from, pray for, and side with, those who have suffered when the world turns its back on the dream that is the Kingdom of God.

“…love kindness…”

Each one carries their own burden of traumas, mistakes, and regrets. We believe that church done right is church as a hospital for wounded souls. Lakeshore is a place to receive one another with grace, practice forgiveness for wrongs that have been done, and offer comfort to those who are struggling. Through ministries of prayer, pastoral counseling, and mutual aid, we lift up one another. In the wider community, we provide tangible support for individuals and families who need a helping hand.

“…and walk humbly with God.”

We do not claim to be a completed work of God that is polished and pristine. We acknowledge both that we will not perfectly embody the truth we proclaim and that there is yet more truth to be discovered. The Spirit continues to correct us, inspire us, and invite us toward new horizons of