Public Witness

On The Road To Justice

Allison Tanner

September 25, 2020

It has been a hard week. The powerful engage in blatant hypocrisy, outrageous power grabs and violent disregard for human life. Innocent people are dying and families continue to be ripped apart. Lies are rampant. Hatred is on vivid display. I find comfort in communal anger, outrage, and the refusal to accept the dystopia of these difficult days. We continue to fight for a country of justice, kindness and humanity, of inclusion and welcome and community. All are invited to join the fight, to get in good trouble and to refuse to cede the country to the injustices of those in power.

2020 TPS Freedom Bus – On the Road to Justice: Residency Now

This week my journey for justice took me to the Federal Building in San Francisco, where I stood with the TPS community, those who have lived in the U.S. for years (decades, for many) with Temporary Protected Status. In 2018, Trump decided to end this program that provided safety for people whose countries were enduring unrest, violence or natural devastation, thus removing the legal status of 400,000 immigrants. Last week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld this racist decision.

Those living with TPS have been building their lives, creating families, working in their communities and blessing our country. They are now forced to choose between deportation – separating themselves from their families, communities and lives, or living without paperwork – as second-class residents without rights and at the mercy of ICE’s power to detain and deport them at any time. In addition to TPS holders, there are another 250,000 U.S. born children of TPS holders who are at risk of losing their parents, being forced to leave their country, or live in fear of ICE ripping their parents away from them. Ending TPS is another of Trump’s many actions to engage in ethnic cleansing of this country’s black and brown residents.

In response to this decision, the TPS community is traveling the country to call attention to their plight, build collective power, warn the immigrant community of the realities of COVID, and uplift the importance and urgency of voting in the election. Their is hope that the Supreme Court will weigh in on the injustice of their situation. It is, after all, the failure of congress to create a path to citizenship for TPS holders, along with Trump’s inhumane attempts to terrorize the immigrant community, that has lead to the inhumane choices they are facing.

The TPS freedom bus, known as La Libertad began its 8 week journey across the country this week. Bay Area faith leaders gathered in support of the TPS community, bearing witness to their pain, offering prayers for justice and safety, and providing blessings for their journey.

The voices of those directly impacted continue to ring in my ears. “We belong here.” Yes. “My parents are upstanding people, which is more than I can say about many politicians.” Absolutely. “Use your vote, because we don’t have one.” Indeed. In fact, the power of the vote is their main plea to the country. Voters have the power to stop these injustices. Voters have the power to change this situation and keep these families together. As La Libertad travels the country, my prayer is that freedom would come to the TPS community and that all who have the ability to vote will vote for the freedom for all who call the United States home.

Praying for peace, voting for justice,

Pastor Allison

PS – Please join us next Wednesday evening, September 30, at 6:30, for our Justice Jam: Vote 2020!