Public Witness

October 31, 2019

Allison Tanner

October 31, 2019

Dear Lakeshore family,

I am deeply grateful for all who shared in the celebration of my 20th anniversary at Lakeshore – giving thanks for two decades of relationships, shared ministry and companions on the journey. We have endured much together, we have grown much together, and we have offered much by way of living our faith in our community together. Thanks to all who planned and prepared for the celebration – from food and flowers to recognitions and affirmations – and to all who offered kind words and hugs – the joys of the day continue on!

20 years is a long time! In many ways I have grown up professionally at Lakeshore, and we have grown together in embracing God’s evolving call on our congregation. In preparation for this celebration, I spent a good deal of time in prayer and reflection, including attending a 2-day mid-career ministry “check-up.” During this time of reflection and discernment, I have heard God’s clear call on me to commit myself more fully to a ministry of presence and justice work in the community, particularly through the work I’m doing with immigration justice, Palestinian solidarity and intersectional justice work (check out the World Without Walls/Cages event in this Transmitter). To more fully follow God’s leading, I have decided I need to step down from my position as Minister of Christian Formation at Lakeshore.

I have been in conversation with Jim and the Personnel Committee and we are in agreement that we would like my ministry in the community to be done in connection to Lakeshore. It means a great deal to represent our congregation in the community, and to share this work with the congregation. I am excited about the ongoing ministry of the Sanctuary Working Group, Justice Jams, and my work for a just peace in Palestine. These efforts will continue, but I will sadly relinquish my position over Christian Formation to make room for my expanding calling. Many more conversations need to take place and I encourage you to share in the discernment of Lakeshore’s future. I will share more about this transition in the November 3 forum.

Blessings as we journey together,