Midweek Message

October 25, 2011

Jim Hopkins

October 24, 2011

Hi All,
An abbreviated Midweek Message this week.  On Monday morning I participated (as did Pastor Tanner) in a Clergy Action in support of the justice aims of Occupy Wall Street SF.  When asked my response to the Occupy movements my answer ist that public policy should be aimed at creating widespread opportunity not insuring the wealth of a few.  I got called in  to speak in front of Bank of America and Goldman Sachs when a bishop who was scheduled to appear failed to appear.  Fortunately, Ally had some Henry Ford quotes with her from a class she had led so I quoted the industrialist, “The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money do more for the betterment of life.” 
I will also be participating in ABSW’s “Radical Hospitality” Leadership conference.  On Tuesday I will be on a clergy panel discussing the ways our congregation has pursued meaningful relationships with other faith traditions.  I remain convinced that such relationships are essential for the well being of all God’s people, all God’s creation.
This Sunday our Diversity Month celebration of Radical Hospitality comes to a close with a Potluck in Barnett Hall at 12:30, following the Forum and the Adult Bible Class.  A bountiful table to which all bring something and at which all are nourished is an enduring symbol of God’s will for the world and an enduring metaphor of radical hospitality.  I look forward to the dishes you will bring and the feast we will share.
In the Forum we will have conversation with the Reverend William Simmons a former pastor who no longer identifies himself as a Christian. William, a longtime friend of Dale Edmondson, will share with his perspective as we model ways to carry out respectful dialogue and identify common values “When There is No Shared Belief in God.”  William is clear, he is coming neither to be chastised for his positions nor to chide us for ours.  We want to explore what is likely a reality in many families, the need to maintain healthy relationships when a member of the family no longer professes to be a believer.  I pray that this venture will speak to many real and potentially painful situations and pave the pathway for peace.
See you Sunday.
Jim H.
Please remember all those who are grieving (Barbara Bowman’s dad died on Thursday), all who are living with cancer, all who are concerned for the well being of friends and family members and all who labor for a better world.