Midweek Message

October 15, 2019

Jim Hopkins

October 15, 2019

Some notes as the week begins:

  • As Sunday’s shared worship with the San Francisco Kachin Baptist Church made clear, it is a gift to have this congregation as our partners in ministry.
  • The Evergreen Baptist Association meetings in Seattle were a hopeful and energizing gathering of friends. I was encouraged to observe the growth of the Latino/a Caucus and by the welcome of Crosswalk Church of Napa (formerly FBC of Napa) into the region. I think we will find ourselves working alongside this church in a number of ways.
  • Congratulations to the Chins –  Tuck, Jayne and daughter Daphne as Daphne is married to Dale Croy this Saturday in the LABC Sanctuary
  • In worship this Sunday, as we note the end of Latino/a Heritage Month, the hymns and the Lord’s Prayer will be in Spanish and we will dedicate the recently donated Santas Biblias (Spanish language Bibles)
  • The Hunger Task Force will hold its Autumn Meeting Sunday at 12:30. Please attend and help us make a difference in many lives.
  • At Soup and Study we have been fortunate to welcome two returning citizens (persons released from incarceration) to the table. The challenges returning citizens face are many making supportive communities of faith very important to them.
  • The central Scripture on Sunday will be Jeremiah 31:33b “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.”
  • We will be receiving the World Mission Offering throughout the month of October. Thanks you for your support of missionaries like Melanie Baggao who works with Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
  • Please plan on attending the October 23rd (Next Wednesday at 6:30) Justice Jam  “The Politics of Potholes and the Theology of Getting from Here to There” and learning about the current best thinking in regard to essential quality of life issue – transportation in the Bay Area.

We hope you can join us in worship and some of the many ministry opportunities in the days ahead.


Jim and Allison

Prayers of the Congregation

All who are grieving; Peggy Rogers-Tamayo; Jewelle and James Gibbs; Jesus Portillo; The Kachin people, The people of Haiti, The people of Hong Kong; Mary Karne for her family; The churches of the Evergreen Baptist Association; The incarcerated and those returning from incarceration;  All caregivers;  All who are traveling; Peter Yuichi Clark; Sydney, Gigi and the people of Trinity Baptist Church; The Betts family and the Lakeshore community as they mourn the death of Ken Betts; Thanksgiving with the members of Allen Temple Baptist Church as they celebrate the 100th Anniversary of their congregation; Michael-Ray Mathews and family; Karen Hopkins for her nephew; Phil and Gloria Meads; The homeless people of California; Julio Cash for Isaias; Rita Jennings; The ministry of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies; all who are in stressful work situations; the family of Charles Joseph as he awaits his immigration hearing; Pastor Tanner as she preaches at Shell Ridge Community Church