Midweek Message

October 15, 2013

Jim Hopkins

October 15, 2013

As anticipated, our celebration of Diversity Month has been interesting and inspiring. Thanks to Paige Bence and all who have planned and participated as we have honored our diversity, our unity and our community. This coming Sunday our theme will be “Affirming All Nations.” The San Francisco Kachin Baptist Church will be joining us in worship.
Our Scripture will be Luke 18: 1-8. In this text Jesus tells the story an unjust judge and a persistent widow. The widow petitions the judge for justice but the judge only grants her request after she wears him down with her persistent demands. In telling this story Jesus makes a “how much more” argument. He seems to say, “If a reluctant judge can be moved toward justice by persistent petition, how much greater will be the response of God, who is the embodiment of justice, to our prayers?”
In my sermon I will speak from my experience as pastor who has seen many good and faithful people pray fervently and yet not receive all that they have prayed for. I cannot, in good conscience, say that God will give the prayerful the deepest desires of their heart. I will quote John Buchanan, retired pastor and current editor of “The Christian Century” magazine. “The early church … certainly prayed for many things it did not receive: safety, protection from persecution, for instance. It did receive what it most needed: a sense of God’s loving presence and attentiveness, and the strength and resilience and fortitude it needed to survive.” I will proclaim that what we are promised is not prosperity but justice, the grace infused justice of the God who listens well to the prayers of the broken and breaking of the world.

Prayers of the Congregation


  • Shirley Jones for her sister in law, Audrey
  • Dr. J Alfred Smith Sr. as her recuperates from a stroke
  • Kay Baxter for her family
  • Bette Pancoe and Jennifer Pancoe, Bette has been in ICU at Summit Hospital for over a week
  • Max Powers
  • Joan Thatcher
  • Edna Dorenzo
  • Virginia Damretzky
  • Fanny Leary
  • Cecil White for his brother
  • Ann Fields for her brother
  • Karen Hopkins for her friend Amy
  • Larry Sims for his family
  • Bev and Jim Jeffery as they care for Cynthia (home)
  • Mary Karne for her daughter Maryla
  • George and Sylvia Lee
  • Peace with justice in the Middle East
  • The peace of our city
  • Doris Evans for the Leche family
  • Katrina Lau for her grandmother
  • An end to the supposed “Holy Wars” that lead Muslims, Jews and Christians to attack each other
  • Jeanne Robinson for Esther (a child in Uganda) as she prepares for a major exam
  • Joan Patten for her friend John
  • Spencer, seeking employment
  • Gloria Meads for Mark and Pam
  • Rowena Jackson for the Treadwell family
  • Sandra Dunn for her father
  • Jewelle Taylor Gibbs,  Summit Hospital
  • Sheryl and Dave Gattey for Richard
  • Rae Rita Thompson
  • Mark Wilson for his father as he settles into his new residence
  • Zondra Martin for her family
  • Sheila Sims for her mom and dad
  • Doris Evans for Ginger Copeland
  • Lari Mussati for her family in Cuba
  • Amber Picou Broadnax
  • The people of the central Philippines in the aftermath of a major earthquake


  • Thanksgiving for the LABC’s long commitments to diversity, unity and community
  • Thanksgiving for all our musicians
  • Thanksgiving with the Nelson and Meads family that Sean is recuperating
  • Thanksgiving for our students and their families
  • Thanksgiving (and prayers for safety) for Don Johnson and all who serve their country
  • Thanksgiving for the work of the LABC Church Council
  • Thanksgiving for our Lakeshore Neighbors such as the Splashpad Park which celebrates its 10th Anniversary this Sunday


Plan ahead – There will be a potluck celebrating the international flavor of Lakeshore after worship on Sunday October 27.  After the meal Marcia Patton, the Executive Minister of the Evergreen Baptist Association, will talk with us about our interest in becoming a member of this regional organization of American Baptist Churches.