Midweek Message

October 14, 2014

Jim Hopkins

October 14, 2014

I bring you greetings from the members and friends of the Evergreen Baptist Association, our new American Baptist Churches USA regional home. It bears repeating that we will be forever grateful to the American Baptist Churches of Metropolitan New York for taking us in after we were cast out by the American Baptist Churches of the West, Yet, nothing can change the fact that New York City is a continent away. Thus, it is good to be in a region that is centered in the Pacific Time Zone and comprised of churches that we have regular contact with. We thank Evergreen for welcoming us and look forward to the ministry we will share.
Standing to represent Lakeshore when we were welcomed in to the region by Tim Phillips, Pastor of FBC Seattle, were Jesse Lucas, former members Rick Mixon (Pastor of FBC Palo Alto) and Elizabeth Patrick (Seattle resident and member University Baptist Church, Seattle), Pastor Tanner and myself. Sending greetings home from the Northwest are college students Whitley Joachim and Channing Nesbitt,
This is the Call to Worship we shared in at the beginning of the Friday evening worship service in Seattle.
We cone from the east and the west, from Denver to Palo Alto. From the north and the south, from Palmer to Costa Mesa, and even Venezuela.
We are here in body, we are here in spirit; we are one.
We speak different  languages the span the globe, we worship in different traditions, we sing different songs:
We are here in body, we are here in spirit; we are one.
Come, let us join our hearts in worship. Let us sing praises to our God, who makes us one!
We are here in body, we are here in spirit, we worship Christ as one!
The central Scripture in our worship this Sunday will be Roman 16:  1-27.  We will note that Paul takes time to lift up many of the members of the Roman church.  He seems to recognize that each person he remembers is full of both hope and hurt. As we listen in on this last chapter of his letter to Rome we will be reminded that we embrace diversity by doing our due diligence, by looking around and seeing each other as gift s from God.

Prayers of the Congregation from Sunday, October 12

  • Rod Murray as he mourns the death of his father
  • Karen Okusu as she mourns the death of her aunt
  • The Tanner family as they mourn
  • The Jones family as they mourn
  • Yvonne Young as she mourns the death of her cousin
  • Sydney Webster for Gigi as she interviews for a new job
  • Virginia McClow for all who are elected to lead and serve
  • Cameron Wilson for Tamika Wilson
  • Larry Sims for his family
  • The Harrison family for their neighbor, Herman
  • Binkley Baptist Church (Chapel Hill, NC) in a time of transition
  • All affected by and responding to the Ebola Crisis
  • All standing for justice in Ferguson, Missouri
  • The work of Jubilee in addressing the debt crisis faced by many nations
  • All who are fleeing the ravages of war
  • The World Mission Offering
  • Joshua Ross for his friend, Donelle
  • Katrina Lau and family
  • Carol Leichter for all who need healing
  • Kay Baxter and Stacey Reid for Kay, Stacey and Jamie
  • The Evans, Leche andEdwards families
  • Sandra Lee for the nephew of Tuck and Patti Andruss


The memorial service for Shirley Jones will be this Saturday, October 18 at noon in the LABC Sanctuary. Cookies are needed for the reception. Contact Sandra Dunn if you can help.
Join with the Hunger Task Force to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sunday in the Family Room at 12:30.