Midweek Message

October 1, 2013

Jim Hopkins

October 1, 2013

October Greetings,
Like most weeks, the first week of this month holds the promise of both demanding and pleasant experiences. The insistence on the part of the Tea Party that the provision of medical insurance to 31 million previously uninsured persons under the admittedly complicated Affordable Care Act is somehow a threat to the well being of our republic has shut down the federal government. The Oakland A’s will open the American League play-offs at home on Friday. The Seafarers Stroll takes place on Saturday morning at 9:30 and the Blessing of Animals will be held on the steps of the Sanctuary at 2:00 Saturday afternoon.  Several families in our congregations face significant medical concerns.
Our annual Diversity Month celebration begins this Sunday. Pastor Tanner will preach, the Voices of Lakeshore will sing, the Lord’s Supper will be observed and there will be a grand Coffee Hour following worship. Ally’s sermon will be taken from 2 Timothy 1:1-14 and is titled “Diverse Congregation-United Mission.”
I am disappointed that I will not be with you on Sunday. I will be traveling to Washington D.C. for the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. I am just beginning my service on this board.
The BJC’s website, www.bjcpa.org, offers the following description of its work.

The BJC’s mission is to defend and extend God-given religious liberty for all, furthering the Baptist heritage that champions the principle that religion must be freely exercised, neither advanced nor inhibited by government.

About us
Primarily an education and advocacy organization, the Baptist Joint Committee is a leading voice in Washington, D.C., fighting to uphold the historic Baptist principle of religious freedom. It stands guard at the intersection of church and state, defending the first freedom of the First Amendment.

Composed of representatives of 15 national, state and regional bodies in the United States and supported by thousands of churches and individuals across the country, the BJC works with a wide range of religious organizations providing education about and advocacy for religious liberty. The BJC is the only religious agency devoted solely to religious liberty and the institutional separation of church and state. While primarily supported by Baptists, the BJC fights for religious liberty for all, including Jewish, Muslim and a host of Christian groups, who count on the BJC for leadership.

I covet your prayers for safe travel.

Prayers of the Congregation


  • The Wilkinson family as Evan undergoes surgery (Oct 1)
  • Shirley Jones for her sister in law, Audrey
  • Michael-Ray Mathews and family as they mourn Michael Ray’s brother, Myron
  • Helen Harrison as she mourns her friend, Chris Buckingham. Prayers also for Chris’ family.
  • Dr. J Alfred Smith Sr. as her recuperates from a stroke
  • ABSW President Paul Martin as he mourns his friend Bill Barger
  • Kay Baxter for her family
  • Max Powers
  • Joan Thatcher
  • Edna Dorenzo
  • Virginia Damretzky
  • Fanny Leary
  • Cecil White for his brother
  • Ann Fields for her brother
  • Karen Hopkins for her friend Amy
  • Larry Sims for his family
  • Bev and Jim Jeffery as they care for Cynthia (home)
  • Mary Karne for her daughter Maryla
  • George and Sylvia Lee
  • Peace with justice in the Middle East
  • The peace of our city
  • Doris Evans for the Leche family
  • Katrina Lau for her grandmother
  • An end to the supposed “Holy Wars” that lead Muslims, Jews and Christians to attack each other


  • Thanksgiving for the advocacy and education work of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
  • Thanksgiving for the ministry of the Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate
  • Thanksgiving for our animal companions
  • Thanksgiving with the Nelson and Meads family that Sean is recuperating
  • Thanksgiving for the ministries of our sister churches in the Pacific Coast Baptist Association
  • Thanksgiving with Debra Dizen on Lisa’s recovery from surgery
  • Thanksgiving for our students and their families
  • Thanksgiving with Sandra Dunn on a strong recovery from a fall
  • Thanksgiving (and prayers for safety) for Don Johnson and all who serve their country