End of the Week News

Jim Hopkins

November 9, 2018

Dear LABC,
Rita Jennings just texted me telling me that her mom, Irene, died this afternoon at 1:30. She and her family are most appreciative of the many expressions of care, both in recent days and over the years, from Lakeshore.
Many are grieving and many are reeling in the face of the murders at the Borderline Nightclub in Thousand Oaks. I can well imagine my kids being in the crowd at a similar establishment when they were in college. This shooting, which took place on the 311th day of the year, was the 307th mass shooting in the US this year. Lord, lead us out of this madness.
The smoke that blankets the Bay Area today is a reminder of the devastating fires that are burning in both Southern and Northern California. Our prayers are with the firefighters, the caregivers and with those whose lives have been thrown in chaos. I don’t have any update from the church but certainly we need to remember Pastor Gail Hill and the congregation of FBC Chico.
Please be careful in the face of the very unhealthy air conditions. Forever Young tomorrow and worship on Sunday are among the recommended indoor activities.
Pastor Jim