Midweek Message

November 27, 2018

Jim Hopkins

November 28, 2018

Dear LABC,
Thank you for your many kind remembrances of my birthday and of Karen and mine’s 40th anniversary. we are blessed to be part of the LABC family.
As we prepare for the season of advent, we light the Candle of Peace this coming Sunday, we recognize how different the celebration of the season will be for all of those who suffered loss in the fires that raged across our state this summer and this fall. This letter from Pastor Gail Hill of First Baptist Church, Chico is an important reminder that the work of responding to trauma goes on in many communities.
Hi Jim,
I’m tardy in responding to your question about receiving donations. I believe you mentioned that Paula from the Alliance of Baptists inquired about helping. As of today, we do not have a specific program in place, but we have set up a fund with the monies that have been donated, so we can be ready when the opportunity presents itself.
As you know, lots of folks rush in at the beginning of a disaster with help. But it’s often in the longer time frame that help is needed. I recall my time volunteering when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans’ Ninth ward. I was in Dallas at the time and it was months later that I saw some real needs that needed to be met.
Thank you though for following up and for your support.
Feeling grateful to be part of such a wonderful community,
If you would like to give to the fund she references you can do so by designating your checks to LABC “Chico” or “Fire.”

Prayers of the Congregation

Mary A. – gratitude for loving care of husband, George; Cathy L. – gratitude that  her aunt is recovering from heart attacks and concern for a neighbor; Johanna W. – thanksgiving for our youth; Virginia M. – celebration of our youth, prayers for our president; Gloria M. – for the sick and hurting; Mary Sue M. – grateful that her brother survived the Camp Fire and that he likely has a home to return to; Jesus P. – for a friend facing surgery; Jesse L.- grateful for all who helped with Thanksgiving dinner at Lake Merritt UMC; Barbara B. – for family members facing medical tests; Jewelle Gibbs – for her sister and her family; Nikki – for her father and all dealing with illness; Ken K. – Thankful for the life of Helen, his step-mother, who died this week; Rick McKillop – grateful for his family and for all who serve communion; Chuck J. – grateful for family and a wonderful Thanksgiving; Lola A. – for firefighters and first responders; Marie J. – for Brian B. and his ministry of acceptance and inclusion, prayers for her health; Thanks giving with Hallie and Michael on the birth of their son (November 21); Dale E. as he prepares for a trip to the Philippines where he will be speaking three times in memory of the American Baptist missionaries who were martyred at Hopevale on December 20, 1943; all who walk the road of recovery in the face of addiction; Jim H. – for John and Carol Townsend; The ministries and charities that depend on the gifts of Giving Tuesday