Midweek Message

November 15, 2016

Jim Hopkins

November 15, 2016

Written Tuesday morning
I wrote the letter below on Monday morning. It is still true but it is overshadowed by the news that Sheila Brown died early Tuesday morning of complications following post abdominal-surgery. She underwent emergency surgery early Monday morning and had been in the ICU at Summit Hospital since then. Declan and family were with her at the end, as was I.  I am too stunned to say more other than we will need to stand lovingly and resolutely with Declan in the days ahead. Please keep him, the family, their neighborhood and our church in your prayers.  jh
Written Monday Morning
Dear LABC,
I was so grateful to be able go to church yesterday. When the world seems out of balance it is a gift to gather with God’s people, to sing God’s praise and to seek God’s leading.
I was also grateful for the good turnout and active participation in yesterday’s Long Range Planning Congregation. I did not join in the conversations (Sometimes folks are less candid when the pastor is at the table!) but the body language was encouraging. People seemed to be speaking earnestly and listening actively.
Although I was a little tired by mid-afternoon, Karen, Ethan and I joined Aaron and family at the Hands Around Lake Merritt event to show our support for our diverse community and to pledge to do all that we can to keep it a safe and welcoming place for all.  It was a stunningly beautiful gathering. Several news reports put the crowd at over 5,000 people. I know that Pastor Tanner was also there (passing out sandwiches left over from the lunch in Barnett) as were Whitley Joachim and Jewelle Taylor Gibbs. There might have been others as well. LABC was well represented.
This coming Sunday our youth will lead us in a service of Thanksgiving. It will be good to be together once again.
Jim H.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • The family and friends of Ginny Axtell as they mourn her death
  • Monica Eppinger and David Menninger as they mourn the death of Monica’s father, The Reverend Dr,  Paul Eppinger, a distinguished Baptist leader
  • Rowena Jackson, for a peaceful transition of government
  • Cynthia Gorney, that our nation will be true to its highest values in the days ahead
  • Janet Clarke, that unity and peace will be known
  • Joan Thatcher, Summit Hospital
  • Rita Jennings, Piedmont Gardens SNF
  • Thanksgiving with Jessie Guiton for her own recuperation and that Baby Valentina has gone home from the hospital
  • Rafael Soto for Sarah’s mom as she prepares for surgery
  • Chuck Johnston for Nancy Strange
  • Dave Gattey for Sheryl
  • Paul and Johanna Wilkinson for Gloria Joseph, Creekside Convalescent Hospital, San Pablo
  • Mary Karne for Maryla
  • Marc and Helen Harrison for Marc’s mother, Gloria Gunther as well as for Helen Conroy and her father
  • Zondra Martin for her niece, Crystal
  • David Holly for people who are released from the hospital but still in need of care
  • All who are traveling
  • Larry Sims and family
  • Ted and Doris Evans and family
  • Warren and Camille Parker and family
  • Kay Baxter and family
  • Katrina Lau
  • Barbara Bowman
  • Sandra Dunn
  • Ruth Ann Crawford
  • Jesus Portillo for his family
  • Jo Robinson
  • Sydney Webster for Gigi
  • The people of New Zealand following the 7.4 earthquake there
  • The nation as it mourns the death of ground-breaking journalist, Gwen Ifill


The autumn quarterly meeting of the congregation will follow worship this Sunday. The primary items of business will be the approval of the preliminary 2017 budget and the nominations for 2017 officers and leaders.