Midweek Message

November 13, 2018

Jim Hopkins

November 13, 2018

Dear LABC,
Church Moderator Paige Bence wisely asked Mary Karne to open our November 11 congregational meeting with a prayer. I found her words to be a most meaningful expression of faith.

Dear God,
As we gather together in your name to take part in this business meeting of Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, we thank you for answering so many of our prayers and blessing us for many years past. Truly, we’ve come this far by faith.
We ask for your guidance and insights for each member of this congregation. We ask special blessings for those we entrust to lead our ministries.
We pray all in Jesus’ name, and in his love for us.

The Camp Fire which has destroyed the town of Paradise and wreaked havoc in the area of Butte County near Chico is the deadliest fire in California history.
Pastor Gail Hill and the congregation of FBC Chico are ministering to many needs. On Monday morning Gail sent this e-mail in response to a message of encouragement I sent her on Friday.

Thank you Jim! We’re weary from the past three days. All of our church family in affected areas were found and safely housed here in Chico. So we are grateful. Each day brings new challenges with evacuees on how we can minister!
Appreciate your prayers and support,

We can support the relief efforts of our sister congregation and their partners  with our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing marked Camp Fire Response. (Gloria and Phil Meads as well as Darlene and Dayle Scott have family members who lost homes and had to be evacuated from the fire.)

Prayers of the Congregation

Sheryl and Dave Gattey as they mourn the death Sheryl’s brother, David; Rita Jennings and family as they mourn the death of Irene; Helen Harrison for Nikki; Laura Landgraf (health); Robert Wilkins (health); Carol Travis for her brother and for Maxine and family; Thanksgiving with Erica Quinn on the birth of her daughter, Naomi;  Virgina McClow for all our elected officials; Pat Hughes for her family; Julio Cash for his family; Delores for her grandson; Jim Dorr during a difficult time; Thanksgiving that Joel Reyes is home from the hospital; Gloria Joseph in Kaiser Hospital San Leandro; Katrina Lau; Chuck Johnston for his niece; John Lee for his sister; Zondra Martin for her family; Doris Evans for her family; Thanksgiving with Jeanne Robinson for answered prayers; Alean Saunders-Coffey for her sister in law; Mary Karne for her family and our country; Kay Baxter for her family; Peggy Rogers-Tamayo for her family and herself; The San Francisco Kachin Baptist Church; Roxanne Jones and family; The unhoused of our communities; Dale Edmondson and family for his granddaughter’s health; Roxanne Jones (health); Jeanette Paige for her family


A busy Sunday awaits us with Pledge Sunday, Stand and Sing Justice, Thanksgiving Bag Filling, Birthday Celebrations (Tyrone and Jim H.), and African American History Month Planning.