Midweek Message

November 12, 2019

Jim Hopkins

November 12, 2019


My sermon this Sunday will be my eagerly awaited šŸ™‚ annual stewardship sermon. I will note that the use of time, talent and treasure mattered greatly in the communities the Apostle Paul founded and nurtured even as these matter greatly in churches like ours.

Following worship we will hold our Autumn Congregational Meeting. Moderator Jesse Lucas will preside as consider the recommendations for 2020 from our Nominating and Budget Committees. Treasurer Marc Harrison will bring some recommendations in regard to Emergency Preparedness for us to consider.

Our Hunger Task Force is working hard to prepare for both the Thanksgiving Basket Distribution and the Christmas Support a Family Program. Thank you for your faithful support of these life-giving ministries.


Jim H.

Prayers of the Congregation

Tyrone  for Latrice; President Jimmy Carter (recuperating for surgery); Karen Hopkins for her nephew; Rita Jennings; Jewelle and James Gibbs and family; Katrina Lau for Peggy Rogers-Tamayo; Roxanne Jones and family; Mary Karne and family; Zondra and Marty Martin; The people of California in this season of wildfires, winds and power outages; Sydney and Gigi; All who are traveling; Tess Benin for John and family; Bianca Luna as she is ordained by Grace Baptist Church; Jim Jeffery; Paige and John for Cordia; Charlotte Myers; The participants in Thursday’s Ceasefire Call-in; The people of Hong Kong, Nigeria, Chile, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela and Syria


BorderCrossing and BridgeBuilding: Immigration Panel Discussion
Pastor Tanner will represent LABC  and our commitment to the Sanctuary movement Monday evening, November 18, at the American Baptist Seminary of the West.  7:00-8:30 (Snacks at 6:00)