Public Witness

New Adventures

Allison Tanner

February 16, 2023

I love being Lakeshore’s Pastor of Public Witness – sharing Lakeshore’s prophetic witness in the community, bringing the work of the Spirit in the community into Lakeshore’s worship, and empowering and equipping Lakeshorians to engage in public witness. As many of you are aware, this is a part-time position for me, and I’m excited to share that I have found another part-time position that I am equally excited about.

In February, I became the National Coordinator of the Apartheid Free Churches Initiative – an ecumenical coalition encouraging churches to pledge to resist racism and apartheid everywhere and withdraw all support from Israeli Apartheid. This coalition was brought together by the American Friends Service Committee and includes several mainline denominations, as well as national Christian organizations working for freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians and all people. I have been representing the Alliance of Baptists at this coalition, creating educational resources for the Alliance and the larger community, and now I look forward to doing this work at the national level. If you would like to talk with me more about this work, or learn more about Israeli Apartheid and the Apartheid Free Churches pledge, please let me know!

Last Wednesday morning I was invited to speak, along with Rabbi Lynn (right), at a Jewish community action naming Israeli Apartheid