Midweek Message

Monday Update, March 16

Jim Hopkins

March 16, 2020


In these uncertain days I, or someone from the church, will be sending an email several times a week to check-in, share updates and offer a good word.

Streaming the worship service via Zoom on Sunday was not an overwhelming success. I think the effort was appreciated but the platform, which is great for meetings, was not optimum for a public gathering. We will try again this Sunday but will use a different platform. More to come. Thanks to Pam Claassen for doing a great job as our videographer.

Prayers today for – All who are isolated or feeling isolated; Dale Edmondson; Vic Archey: The Singh Family; Medical professionals and first responders; Barbara Bowman for Bill’s oldest daughter, Mickey Adams; Mark Wilson for his dad; Cordia Lee; All who are mourning; All who are incarcerated; All who are traveling; Sydney Webster and the people of Trinity Baptist Church (Sydney’s installation service has been postponed); Dave Robinson and the people of Grace Baptist Church; The Lakeshore Children’s Center families and staff; Michael Simpson

A Word – Psalm 46:10 “Stop fighting,” says the Creator, “and know that I am supreme among the nations, supreme over the world.”

As we live in these uncertain times may we be drawn from fear to peace, from self to God.

P.S. As the attendance at worship yesterday was not robust, the offering was not robust.  Thank you for remembering to support your church throughout the seasons of life and the seasons of the year.

P.S.S. Tomorrow, March 17th, night’s Soup and Study and Church Council meeting will be via Zoom. You are welcome to join at https://zoom.us/j/8599095914 or send me an email and I will send you and invite.


Jim H.