Midweek Message

Monday, August 10

Jim Hopkins

August 9, 2020


There will be a vigil on Mandana Green this evening at 6:00 to commemorate the life of the person who was killed by gunfire while at the bus stop across the street from the church on Saturday evening. The vigil will also signify our community’s resolve to end the epidemic of gun violence which daily brings grief to so many households. If you attend please wear a mask.

If you were in Zoom Church on Sunday you may have heard our home phone ringing. It was Camille Parker calling to inform me that her daughter, Carolyn, died yesterday after being hospitalized
for almost a week. Please reach out to Camille with cards and prayers. Too many calls might be a little overwhelming to her.


Jim H.

Pastor Allison’s Prayer From Yesterday

God of Justice and Righteousness
Good of Love and Mercy
God of Truth and Peace

We offer to you our prayers for the world

We pray this morning with and for congregation
Myra, Katrina, Barbara H., Larry S. And Sheila
Geoffrey Pete and grandson Jordan Pete
Pastor Carolyn as she takes time to rest and restore herself, and for her daughter Joanna in the face of racial injustice

We pray this morning with and for our community

The man shot and killed yesterday at the bus stop across from the church – we pray for safe streets, justice and mercy, mourning relatives, the shooter, and all who live in the neighborhood

All who are incarcerated in prisons, jails and detention centers, prayers for health, safety, justice and restoration
All our teachers, students and parents as they prepare for a new school year
All who are hungry and homeless, and the many ministries we partner with to serve our community

We pray this morning with and for our country and world

a fair and just census process that is representative of all the people who live in this country
a fair and justice election process this november

people of Beruit – lost lives, lost homes, injured
Melanie Baggao as she serves the people
all who live in fear of COVID, within our own families and across the globe

God of Light and Hope – lead us forward in this tumultuous times
May we be your witnesses – offering light and hope to others.

From the chat box:

Wally – for the patients in our hospital with COVID-19 who are overwhelmingly Latinx

Karen H. – for Oakland Public Schools… starting up tomorrow

Angela S – looking for a job in Texas!!

Chuck – for the family of Julio Cash who lost his mother a week ago

Sheila – for CityTeam Ministry who is still ministering to the homeless

Paige – for the Pettigrew family and Paige as she mourns her friend Malaika who died

Jesus – for my sister Diane and nephew John both lost their jobs this week, and my niece Lucy is recovering from surgery to repair a broken ankle

Please visit labcoakland.org for the weekly schedule of Bible Studies. Please note that during August Minister Sandra will be leading a study/discussion of the Psalms at 6:00 on Thursday evenings.