Midweek Message

Monday Update, April 6

Allison Tanner

April 5, 2020

Holy Week greetings!

It was good to gather together in worship yesterday. Even without palm branches to wave or a communal procession into the sanctuary, we were able to worship together in joy and hope.

Thanks to all who shared prayers for the service via email or chat. I want to share them with you again today so we can hold one another in prayer as we journey toward the cross – and ultimately to resurrection.

May the peace that passes understanding sustain us in these uncertain times,

Pastor Allison

Prayers of the Congregation

Gail C. for her sister, a nurse, for all healthcare workers, and for support staff.

Mary K. for Maryla

Rick McK. for his family who are far away

Rita J. for the LABC family, and for the Residents and Team members of Piedmont Gardens and Grand Lake Gardens.  

Lloyd S. for the family of Don, who died from Covid-19

Jill N. for her brother who is a hospital supervisor – prayers for his physical and emotional health

Katrina L. – gratitude for her sister, her church family, and the opportunities she has to help others

Paige B. – thanksgiving for neighbors and pastoral staff; prayers for Cordia’s health, for those with loved ones hospitalized, for wisdom and health for all our leaders and those on the front line of this pandemic

Pat H. – gratitude for the good things in life

Jesus P. for all the world’s all people, especially refugees, the unsheltered, the unprotected, the children. 

Larry S. for the Sims, Muckeroy and LABC families

Chris B. for his mom

Anne M. for families with children who have special needs and are trying to learn at home

Amber P. for her friend Elaine who lost her niece to COVID-19

Theresako H. for children learning online – give them strength as they endure these uncertain times

Johanna W. – prayers that this will pass soon, and she can be reunited with her mom

For so many in our community who are grieving including: Tyrone for his mother-in-law, Sharon G. for her husband; Lola for her ex-husband; Tess for her brother; Jewelle for a long-time friend; Michael S. for his step-mother

God for whom pain and suffering are no stranger, we take comfort that you walk with us in the midst of all we are enduring. Grant us strength to follow you. Amen.