Public Witness

Meet Floricel and José Rubén on Sunday!

Allison Tanner

March 1, 2024

Advocacy Day in Sacramento, José Rubén and Floricel on left in green shirts

Daer Lakeshore,

I hope you can join me for the Forum this Sunday, where we will have special guests Floricel Ramos and José Rubén Hernandez join us. Floricel and José Rubén are faith leaders with Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity with whom I have partnered in the past few years.

Lakeshorians first had a chance to meet Floricel on our Pilgrimage to End Detention last year. Her story of being taken by ICE during the Trump era raids is heartbreaking. She was separated from her children, for whom she was the sole provider. And now, she lives in fear of deportation. Floricel will share her story and provide ways for us to support her attempts to stay in the country that has been her home for 25 years.

Last year, during Holy Week, several Lakeshorians joined a one-day solidarity hunger strike for those in detention who were protesting the inhumane conditions they were enduring. José Rubén was one of the hunger strike leaders, who has since been released. He has been deeply grateful for the support of Lakeshore – he had tears in his eyes when watching the video we made of why we engaged in our solidarity fast.

Floricel, her children, and José Rubén will join us in worship on Sunday and share their stories during the Forum. We will hear how we can continue to support their struggles for freedom and be given a chance to take action during the Forum. I hope you can join us!

Also during the Forum we will have a chance to hear from Sergio, who. is very excited to be reunited with his family next week!

Onward together,