Midweek Message

May 9, 2017

Jim Hopkins

May 9, 2017

Dear LABC,
Some thoughts from Sunday…Cynthia Nelson led the first of our first Sunday “Quiet Time” gatherings. I am most appreciative of this opportunity to be still as my mind races on Sunday morning. I invite you to join us for the next gathering  on Sunday, June 4 at 9:00 in the Library…The need for affordable housing remains one of the most important, and most vexing, concerns in the communities of the Bay Area. Thank you to Jeanne Robinson for being our link to the important work of the East Bay Housing Organizations…At our congregational meeting we voted to sign the National Sanctuary Pledge. The pledge can be found at bit.ly/sanctuary pledge. This is an important commitment that will require much wisdom, discernment, and vision to grow into. Thanks to Hallie Randel and Alice Butler for leading us in this way…Thanks  to our Moderator Paige Bence for her leadership. She continues a long legacy of wise and caring LABC Moderators…Mary Sue Meads also needs to be thanked for her  passionate leadership of our recently formed Earth Stewardship Task Force. This team is guiding an energy audit and helping us look towards a solar powered future…I was happy to join Monica Eppinger and David Menninger in representing us at the Solidarity Day with our Muslim Neighbors at Majid Al Salam in West Oakland. There are so many amazing communities in the larger community of Oakland…My last responsibility on Sunday was to lead the Vesper Service at Piedmont Gardens. Every time I go to Piedmont Gardens I am filled with appreciation for the Lakeshore members who have lived, and live, there, for the LABC members who have worked, and work,  there and for the LABC members who have been, and are, part of the staff and board of Human Good (formerly the American Baptist Homes of the West).
Jim H.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Gloria Joseph and the Wilkinson family
  • All who mourn
  • All who are working for affordable housing and all who are in need of affordable housing
  • All who provide health care, all who are in fear of losing their health care and all who are struggling with the price of health care
  • All who are preparing for the Hunger Walk and all who will benefit from the walk
  • All who are seeking sanctuary and all who are working for sanctuary
  • City Team Ministries and all who benefit from their good work
  • Sheila Sims for her mom, Helen
  • Rita Jennings as she recuperates from surgery
  • Anthony Marshall (Kaiser Hospital Oakland)
  • John Giles for his brother in hospice care
  • Del Morgan
  • The Meads family for Arielle and Del
  • Kay Baxter for her family
  • Mary Karne for Maryla, Jay and Tim
  • Myra Saxton for her mom and for her nephew, Benny
  • Margaret Alexander as she cares for her family and Thanksgiving with her on the birth of granddaughter (LaRhonda and Joseph) Maliea on April 25
  • Thanksgiving with Dwight Dickerson on Grace’s (daughter)graduation from the University of Southern California
  • All those who serve their country
  • All those whose health is affected by stress
  • Helen Harrison for Seyer Maldanado and family on the death of her mother


The memorial service for Joan Thatcher will be this Wednesday at 1:00 in the Sanctuary.
Flick Flack meets Friday evening at the home of Alice and Frederick Butler.
Forever Young meets Saturday at 12:30. Please RSVP to George Lee or Alodia Corpuz.
Pastor Tanner will be our preacher this Sunday, Her sermon, taken from Genesis 3: 20-24, will be “Good News and the Great Need for Healthy Families.”
Michael-Ray Mathews, Marie Onwubuariri and Cody Sanders are the editors of the recently released Trouble The Waters: A Christian Resource for the Work of Racial Justice. Published by Nurturing Faith Inc. this book is rooted in the witness of the Racial Justice and Multiculturalism Community of the Alliance of Baptists. Chapter 21 is written by Pastor Hopkins and is titled “Ceasefire: A Racial Justice Commitment of Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church.”
The Reverend Dr. Lee Spitzer, currently Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey, has been called as the next General Secretary of the American Baptist Churches USA.