Midweek Message

May 9, 2012

Allison Tanner

May 9, 2012

Wednesday greetings!
Hope your week is going well, and you able to enjoy some of the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having.  The longer days, the warmth of the sun and the flowers, plants and trees in bloom are all a resurrection reminder of God’s continual work creating new life all around us!
This Sunday we will continue exploring the imagery of fruit-bearing branches that find their nourishment in the vine they are attached to.  In John 15, branches symbolize the church that is called not only to abide in the true vine, but to abide in love by loving one another.  Loving one another is a lofty and sometimes challenging command; considering love as a spiritual practice might help us live more fully into this way of life.
I look forward to worshiping together on Sunday!

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Bette Pancoe – at Summit Hospital
  • Steve Leichter – recovering from a fall
  • Bev Cooper – recovering from a fall
  • Jerry Neale – recovering from surgery
  • Mary Karne – recuperating at home
  • Everett Curry – health problems
  • Michael Sumrall – lost his cat last week
  • Serena Ke – recovering from a bad spider bite
  • Reid Albano – injured in Afghanistan
  • All our college and graduate students who are finishing their coursework
  • All our professors as they end another semester
  • Carolyn Matthews – thanksgiving for her newest granddaughter Jaylen
  • Wally Bryen – thanksgiving that his mother is doing better
  • Evan, Luke and Whitley Joachim as they continue to grieve
  • George Harper for George Cole who is in treatment for luekemia
  • Teresako Harris for her Aunt Elaine
  • Joan Patten for Peter as he mourns his father
  • Gloria and Phil Meads for Sean and Jean


Support Flipside Burger and they will support our teens!  Have you been to Flipside, the new burger joint on Lakeshore (3401 Lakeshore)?  They not only have great burgers, fries, shakes and yummy vegetarian options to choose from, but they also want to support the community in which they do business.  Specifically, they have agreed to provide a donation in support of the Lakeshore teens headed to Washington D.C. this summer.  Simply bring in a flyer (available in the Narthex) any time during the month of May, and they will donate a portion of the proceeds of your meal to the church.  What a great way to enjoy a good meal, support a Lakeshore small business, and help our teens!