Midweek Message

May 7, 2019

Jim Hopkins

May 7, 2019


Earth Justice Sunday proved to be a very worthy day in the life of our church as we honored the commitment we have made to the well being of the earth in the form of the 68 solar panel array that is now producing energy from the south-facing roof of our sanctuary and heard anew the challenges before us as stewards of all creation.

This coming Sunday, May 12th, is Mother’s Day. Our central Scripture will be Acts 9:36-43. In this text Dorcas (aka Tabitha), a greatly beloved community leader, dies. While she is being mourned, she is brought back to life by Peter. In my sermon I will suggest that while we cannot resurrect the dead as Peter did, we can mourn our loved ones (including our mothers and grandmothers) and so keep their commitment to faith and mercy alive.

Of the community in Joppa of which Dorcas was a part my friend Stephen D. Jones writes, “The congregation in Joppa was vulnerable. They stood together, using all the tools and spiritual resources available to them – weeping together, hoping together, and celebrating together.” Do we not have ample reason, ample opportunity, to do the same?

Jim H.

Prayers of the Congregation

Lola as her daughter recuperates from surgery; Alean for Leilah as she completes her studies; Mary for Maryla; Dayle S. for his brother Don (hospice care); Sydney W. as she prepares to candidate for Trinity Baptist in San Mateo; Thanksgiving that Cecil W. was able to be in worship; Peggy for her family;  Nikki for her dad; The Singh family for Ailock; Robert Wilkins; Michael-Ray Mathews for his family; Marie J. for Brian; Zondra M. for her family, Joan P. for Sierra; Margaret A. for her family; Margaret O. for her family; Al Johnson and Roy Browner; Camille P. for her family; Larry S. for his family; Rick Mixon and the people of FBC Palo Alto


Flick Flack, Friday, 7:00 p.m.

Forever Young, Saturday, 12:30 p.m.

Stand and Sing for Justice, Sunday following worship

Justice Jam (Understanding Mental Illness), Wednesday, May 15, 6:30 p.m.