Public Witness

May 31, 2018

Allison Tanner

May 31, 2018

One of the things I love about Lakeshore’s Vacation Bible Camp, now in its 8th year, is the way in which it provides faith formation for all its participants: campers, teens volunteers and leaders alike. Kids have a chance to learn key tenets of the faith in experiential and memorable ways. Teens have the chance to embrace these truths in a deeper way as they connect Biblical insights with kids’ moment-by-moment experiences. Adults serve as humble leaders and guides who sing and dance with the kids, get down on their hands and knees to meet kids and their own level, and embody Biblical truths through enacting them in community. At VBC, God’s Spirit dwells in us in childlike and profound, joyful and meaningful, light-hearted and deeply impactful ways.
I’m especially excited this year for our VBC theme Peace LAB: Discover God’s Ways of Peace. Jesus’ call to live as peacemakers is a timely and timeless message, meant not just to be taught, but experienced, embodied and embraced in all aspects of our lives. Personally and in community, locally, nationally and globally, we, and the world, could benefit from living more fully our calling to be peacemakers; our identity as children of God who care for one another.
At VBC, we will explore the following themes:

  • Peacemakers find good ways to solve problems
  • Peacemakers help other people
  • Peacemakers speak up for what is right
  • Peacemakers ask for help to resolve conflicts

What might our lives, our neighborhoods, our schools and workplaces look like, if we were ever more fully lived as peacemakers? Come to VBC to find out!
Pastor Allison