Midweek Message

May 24, 2016

Jim Hopkins

May 24, 2016

Dear LABC,
Even as the refrain of Don Ng’s sermon, “No dead ends,” continues in our minds we look to the fifth, and last, Sunday of the month and a family-friendly service of worship. Our service this Sunday will focus on recognizing that our emotions are given to us by our Creator and that each of them has a place in living as beings created in the image of God.
We will look at examples, like “Jesus wept” (John 11:35), in which Jesus displays emotion and relate them to our lives as well as to the wonderful animated movie “Inside Out.” In the movie an 11 year old girl, Riley, and her family move from Minnesota to San Francisco and, predictably, the transition is very difficult. All of Riley’s emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust – shape what happens to her as she tries to adjust to all the change.
Whatever your age, if you have ever known fear, anger, disgust, sadness or joy I believe the service we are planning will speak to you.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Zondra Martin and the family of Stacey Pitts as they mourn her death
  • Ron Burris, ABSW Professor, on the death of his sister
  • All our homebound members
  • Thanksgiving with all who are celebrating May birthdays
  • Thanksgiving with Ted and Doris Evans on their 74th wedding anniversary, May 18
  • Joan Thatcher (SNF Piedmont Gardens)
  • Sandra Dunn (health concerns)
  • Nedra Hathaway and Gloria Meads as their chemotherapy treatments continue
  • Pastor Allison for her father, health concerns
  • All who are seeking employment
  • Nick Carter as he serves as Interim President of ABSW
  • The Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate in a time of transition
  • All who are imprisoned
  • All our teachers and students as the school year draws to a close
  • All who are imprisoned
  • The members of the Kachin Baptist Churches as they gather for their national retreat at Redwood Glen
  • All who are in the role of caregiver
  • All the ministers, chaplains and theological leaders of LABC
  • Thanksgiving for the work of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty