Midweek Message

May 16, 2011

Jim Hopkins

May 16, 2011

The central Scripture in our worship on May 22 will be 1 Peter 2: 2-10. In this text Peter “appropriates for his audience a number of historic designations associated with Israel.” (Joel B. Green)  He tells his community that they are: a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, an elect clan, a holy nation, and a people for God’s possession.” In so doing he gives them an identity and a purpose. He urges them to grow up, to become the community God intends for them to be.
A quote from Rabbi Nachman, which is read as part of Temple Sinai’s Freedom Seder, expresses well Peter’s challenge to grow up. “Remember: Things can go from the very worst to the very best . . . in just the blink of an eye . . . If you believe you can damage, then believe you can fix.  If you believe you can harm, them believe you can heal.”
This Sunday is also Foundation Sunday.  The importance of the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church Foundation and the Oakland First Baptist Church Foundation will be recognized.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Thanksgiving with the Johnson family as Don Jr. graduates from the University of California
  • Thanksgiving with Wally Bryen on his call to be the Interim Pastor of New Community of Faith Church in San Jose
  • Robert Wilkins as he mourns the death of his mother, Laveda Wilson
  • Dick Ice – broken leg
  • Jeanette Paige for her parents
  • Jack Travis and Carol Norris – Jack is at home under hospice care
  • Carol and Steve Leichter
  • Adnan Hassan and the Grand Lake Gardens Community on the death of Adnan’s partner Paul Jepson
  • Thersako Harris and family as she mourns the death of her grandmother
  • Thanksgving with Marc Harrison that his mom and step dad are visiting
  • Bette Pancoe
  • Edna Dorenzo
  • Kay Baxter and family as she travels to Maryland
  • Tess Benin
  • Joan Patten for Sierra, Paula, John, self
  • Bonnie Sato – chemotherapy begins on June 2
  • Cordia Lee – shingles
  • Sheila Sims for her brother and her parents
  • Al Johnson and Roy Browner – health, Roy’s niece Glory
  • Mariel Paul – health, continued progress in school
  • Ann Fields – Family, Patrick
  • Helen Harrison for Robin Rowe and family
  • All who mourn
  • All who are traveling
  • All who labor for the common good
  • The victims of flooding on the Mississippi River
  • Declan and Sheila Brown for Barbara Israel and Skip’s friend Sid


The Reverend Dr. William Herzog, former Lakeshore member and Interim Pastor on two occasions, will deliver the Theodore Keaton Lecture this Friday evening at 7:00 in the American Baptist Seminary of the West Chapel. His lecture is titled “Sowing Seeds of Discontent.”
The American Baptist Seminary of the West will hold its Commencement Program in the Lakeshore Sanctuary this Saturday at 2:00.  Reception volunteers, ushers and greeters needed.  Let me know if you can help.