Midweek Message

Maundy Thursday – 2022

Jim Hopkins

April 13, 2022


One of the ministries LABC helps support is the Bethany Baptist Church and Orphanage in Mbale, Uganda, directed by Brian and Doreen Byamukama. On Tuesday of this week Brian, who is living and working (running a store which provides some income for the orphanage) in Kenya, sent this report.

Hi LABC Friends,

I hope you’re ok, I am ok and everything ok here in Nairobi except in Uganda on Sunday night at 11:15pm (about two weeks ago), they had a very heavy rainy storm that carried off the roof of two classrooms leaving children with no learning space (see photo attached). I thank God that there were no casualties as the children were already in their new Cherri Claire Wing Hostel sleeping.  Crops, especially banana plantations, have been destroyed I am told.

Church members have been mobilized to provide labor so that the classrooms are reinstated. Four desks were broken, the wall blackboard made of cement was cracked and broken and one entrance door, which was quite old. was dismantled. All these require repair and replacements plus buying iron sheets, timber and nails to put up the roof again. I sent them about $240 to immediately rescue the situation, of course that isn’t enough for them, so am literally sending them all I am making to help curb the situation.

Besides, the little maize flour for preparing posho, which they had kept in the store, also got wet because of a leaking roof in the store, so this has left the children with no food. This loss is compounded by the fact that the prices of all essential commodities in Uganda have more than doubled (check link below),

Things like soap, cooking oil, sugar, even Panadol drugs have had their price skyrocketing amidst these hard times. Inflation rate is at 3.2%

Pr Jim has sent some support from the LABC Fellowship Fund. Other church members havesent financial assistance as well. These gifts have enabled us to repair the classrooms and have doors fixed. Now we have to buy 3 windows and have them fixed. Each window costs $50.

As we talk now, Rachel a baby class orphan is hospitalized with malaria and typhoid, her medical bills have not been paid and am worried her treatment might be discontinued without payment. The bill is $85.

Our albino orphans are having their skins cracking, they need balms to help soothe their skin, this can cost $30

Jiggers have attacked the feet of our children and we need to medically extract the jiggers from their feet and put them on treatment. This can cost $100

I’m seeking your kind support to respond to this emergency, any amount counts. Using this Go Fund Me account is the quickest way to bet the funds to the orphanage.





Tonight at LABC (In-person, YouTube and Zoom) 7:00 – Maundy Thursday Service –  “Preparing For the Journey Ahead”        Worship order – 3 4-11






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We received word yesterday from both Mary Alice Cirimele and Barbra MacNair of the death of longtime friend of Lakeshore, Marilyn Coffey on March 27. Marilyn was a regular participant at our Ash Wednesday Vigils as well as The Blessing of the Animals.