Midweek Message

March 27, 2018

Jim Hopkins

March 27, 2018

LABC Holy Week Schedule

Maundy Thursday — March 29, 6:00 p.m. Worship Service followed by a finger food potluck and a simple communion. Please bring a snack or appetizer to share.
Good Friday — March 30, 12-2. Prayer Procession from Corinthian Baptist Church (928 Castro St., Oakland) to visit homeless encampments.
Note: Please bring a new pair of socks, toiletries, or ready-to-eat food with you to the Good Friday procession
Egg Dyeing and Hat Parade — March 31, 10:30-12:30 on the Church Lawn.
Easter Sunday — April 1, 6:30 a.m. Sunrise Service on the Church Lawn; 10:00 a.m. Worship Service with glorious music followed by an Easter Egg Hunt!
The  Old Testament reading for today is Isaiah 49: 17.  In this text the LORD speaks to the prophet saying, “It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors of Israel; I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.” Clearly,  the salvation we speak of this season is not just for us or those we perceive to be like us. It is bigger than that. It is no respecter of persons, borders or barriers.
Similarly, in “The Trial of Jesus,” the old play by John Masefield, the centurion who oversaw Jesus’ crucifixion reports back to Pilate. Pilate’s wife asks the centurion to tell her about Jesus’ death. After hearing his description, she asks, “Do you think he’s dead?” “No, my lady, he replies. “He’s been let loose in the world where neither Roman nor Jew can stop his truth.” (Thanks to Nathan Kirkpatrick writing for the Alban Weekly for this quote.)

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Thanksgiving the Jaxon Lozier is recuperating well
  • Dave Gattey (health)
  • Sandra Dunn (health)
  • Alice Edmondson (health)
  • Chuck Johnston’s dad (health)
  • Myra Saxton for Margaret (health)
  • Ann Fields for her family
  • Zondra Martin for her family
  • Tyrone Mack for his family
  • Maya Hart for family, friends and all who work for justice
  • Margaret Alexander and family
  • Medical researchers as they seek to find cures for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy and other neurological disorders
  • The family of Stephon Clark (slain by Sacramento police officers) as they mourn and seek justice
  • Stuart Candland, Interfaith Council of Alameda County leader (health)
  • Those who face the hateful protests of Westboro Baptist Church
  • The homeless residents of our community
  • Safety and joy for all who participate in our Community Easter Celebration


LABC Reads meets Saturday at 9:00 to discuss La Rose by Louise Erdrich
The Memorial Service for LaShaya Alexander will be Monday, April 2 at 11:00 in the Sanctuary. Cookies are needed for the reception.