Midweek Message

March 25, 2019

Jim Hopkins

March 26, 2019

Thanks to all for being flexible in regard to our worship schedule this past weekend. 10,000 runners (not to mention supporters, volunteers and spectators) taking over much of the church neighborhood makes it difficult to conduct “business as usual.” I think we made some credible adjustments, not that I’m ready to trade our Sunday “Good mornings” for Sunday “Good Afternoons” on a regular basis.
I am honored that my first 30 years as your pastor are being recognized this coming Sunday. I look forward to a very happy day. In worship I plan to offer two short sermons, one directed primarily to the kids and the second directed primarily to the adults. With the kids I will talk about the Warriors #30, Steph Curry. With the adults I will talk about the importance of band-aids.
As I was looking over the bulletins and newsletters from my early years at LABC I came across these words from the sermon my mentor, The Reverend Dr. John H. Townsend, delivered at my installation service.  “Not too many flocks of sheep will be seen as we speed down the freeways or commute across the Bay. We don’t think ‘shepherd.’ Yet, that is what I charge you to think Jim. That is the model I see in you and know is inseparable from you, and which I urge you to strengthen and express in your new field of service here at Lakeshore.” I still find direction in John’s words.
Jim H.

Prayers of the Congregation

The family and friends of David Rovanpera as they mourn his death; Carla Keener as she mourns the death of her mother, Mary;  for migrant families whose loved ones are facing deportation; all who live in fear; Tyrone Mack for his family; Our college students and their families as the enjoy their spring vacations; Thanksgiving for the ministry of St. Mary’s Center; Thanksgiving for the witness of the Evergreen Baptist Association; Thanksgiving for the work of the Interfaith Council of Alameda County in developing safe car parks for individuals and families living in their cars; Thanksgiving for the advocacy for justice done by Faith in Action East Bay (formerly Oakland Community Organizations;  Carolyn Matthews for her son-in-law John (health); Dave Gattey (health); Peter Yuichi Clark, Professor of Pastoral Care at ABSW (health); The people of Mozambique following a devastating typhoon; Wally Bryen (health); Emma Gordon for her children; Roxanne Jones for her family; Linda Allen; Michael-Ray Mathews for his father-in-law (health), John and Carol Townsend (health); Mary Karne for Maryla; Julio Cash for his family; Zondra Martin for her family; Peggy Tamayo-Rogers for her family; Sandra Lee as she represents us at American Baptist meetings in Valley Forge, PA

Serving in the Community

The Oakland Police Advisory Commission, an important citizens board that exercises oversight of the Oakland Police Department, is seeking people to serve as members of the commission. Applications can be found at https://www.oaklandca.gov/boards-commissions/police-commission