Midweek Message

Looking Ahead – May 5, 2017

Jim Hopkins

May 5, 2017

A Prayer, A Need, A Thought and some Reminders,
Prayer – Gloria Joseph and the Wilkinson family.
Reminder – Pause – A Place to Reflect, Saturday 1-3
Thought – What if the health care policy in the United States were based on the words of the Good Samaritan to the innkeeper to whom he took the beaten traveler he found by the side of the road, “Look after him; and if you spend anymore, I will repay you on my way back.”?
Reminder – Stand With the Muslim Community, Sunday 2-4 on 7th Street between Myrtle and Adeline in West Oakland
Need – One of our members needs to rent a car on daily basis for a few weeks. If you have a car that could be used let Pastor Tanner or me know.