Lakeshore Pride

Why do we celebrate Pride?
For more than fifty years, this congregation has worked to insure that we are a safe place for LGBTQ people to worship, work and witness. Today, they are we and we are they. We recognize no distinctions of race, ethnicity, age or gender. Our God is the Creator of rainbows, arcs in the heavens comprised of every shade and hue. Embraced in the rainbow of all-healing love, we embrace all among us as perfect reflections of our Maker.
Sadly, though, our cousins around the world continue to attack, berate, reject and even kill people who only want to live in peace with the ones their hearts have chosen. The crimes committed by Christians demand to be answered. And so we repent on their behalf and we march and we sing because we are filled with Pride.

How do we celebrate Pride?

Sunday Worship

Our guest preacher is Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Price of First Baptist Church, Salt Lake City. He will be talking about the ways all benefit when we pursue “…Healing and Reconciliation Between the LGBTQ Community and the Church…”

Also on Sunday…
•We look forward to inspiring music
thanks to our Minister of Music, Mikki Boyd.

•A book table will feature works on
LGBTQ history and accomplishments. (Many of these works are being banned from school libraries as we speak.)

•Communion will be served to any and all who wish to receive it.
•Following Worship, our famous Rainbow Cupcake Coffee Hour, hosted by the Department of Worship and Congregational Care will provide portable snacks that you can take into the Forum that follows. Bake some for the team!

The Forum will be a conversation with Curtis about what the Church can do to create more bridges to the LGBTQ community and best ways to overcome the messages of hate that continue to pour out from our Baptist cousins.

Rev. Dr. Curtis Price

Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Price is the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Salt Lake City where he has served for 13 years. He received a Master of Divinity (2000) and a Doctor of Ministry (2022) from the Berkeley School of Theology. His dissertation was entitled Redeeming the Church: Healing and Reconciliation Between the LGBTQ Community and the Church in the Baptist Context. Pastor Curtis has served in many leadership roles in the Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches and currently serves on the Ministerial Standards and Concerns Committee. Dr. Price is married to Katy  Together they have five wonderful children. He especially enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and singing. He also loves the outdoors and being on the water.  To download Dr. Price’s complete dissertation, follow this QR code.

Oakland Pride — Sept. 10 Parade—  We will gather with hundreds of other marchers at 10 a.m. near City Hall. It is always a surprise to see other marchers at 10 a.m. near City Hall. It is just how many people from different organizations, different walks of life, with their different experiences and stories come together to march in the parade. There will be bands and musical acts on floats as well as big corporate floats all proclaiming that LGBTQ people have a right to be fully included at every level of society.

At 11 we will be right there, in the mix, carrying our church banner and our “You’ll Fit Right In” banner to tell the world that we are a different kind of Baptist Church and that at Lakeshore it is safe to be who God created you to be.  Our team will bring our banners and literature when they arrive at the festival site. They will set up and take the first two-hour shift as hosts in the booth. Our marchers will assemble between 11:15 and 11:45 near City Hall and start marching at noon. Contact Chuck Johnston to get more information.


Getting there: Take BART to 12th Street station. Go up to Frank Ogawa Plaza from the far end of the station.  We will meet up in the staging area a block or so from there. The parade starts at 11 and the route is level.  There is no cost to march in the parade. We will march about six blocks, shaded by the trees and tall buildings along Broadway.

Festival—  At the end of the route, the Parade pours into the entrance of the Festival. Wristbands are required to enter but Exhibitors receive six free ones for their hosts. Our booth will be set up with a table and chairs. Our team will bring our banners and literature when they arrive. We are asking people to take two-hour shifts. Hosts are encouraged to explore the festival, enjoy the food, listen to the music and soak up the vibe before and after their shifts. There is even a special “Children’s Garden” for families with little ones.
Considering how long Lakeshore has been welcoming and affirming, we still meet people every year who have never heard of an LGBTQ-friendly Baptist Church. This is why we need to be there.


Resources—You Are Not Alone

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National Center for Transgender Equality — www.transequality.or</span>g
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Pacific Coast Baptist Association —
Parents &amp; Friends of Lesbians and Gays —
* (lgbtq-related merchandise) — <<no “m”
* new this year


Book Link

Sci fi books

Graphic Novels

Young Adult Books>

Non fiction LGBTQ books

The “T” in LGBTQ
Welcoming the “Trans” community has been a long-avoided topic in church circles.  Personally, I don’t know any trans people and I don’t know why that is.  Am I too focused the l’s or the g’s or the b’s or have the trans folk been so hated by church people that they stay deeply undercover?

Am I transphobic? There must be reasons we don’t see more trans folk among us and I want to challenge us to find out why.  Let’s keeping widening our welcome. To help us begin this discussion, AWAB has shared their recent webinar “What is Gender-Affirming Care?” I invite everyone to view it.