Midweek Message

LABC Update – Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Jim Hopkins

January 29, 2024

Thank you to Georgia Upshaw for sharing these thoughts about “Showing Up” by Rabbi Sharon Brous. Showing up is an important part of the ministry of every congregation.

Showing up for one another doesn’t require heroic gestures.

It means training ourselves to approach,

even when our instinct tells us to withdraw.

It means picking up the phone and calling

our friend or colleague who is suffering.

It means going to the funeral and to the house of mourning.

It also means going to the wedding and to the birthday dinner.

Reach out in your strength, step forward in your vulnerability.

Err on the side of presence.

Small, tender gestures remind us that we are not helpless,

even in the face of grave human suffering.

We maintain the ability, even in the dark of night,

to find our way to one another. We need this, especially now.

–Sharon Brous