Midweek Message

LABC Update – Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Jim Hopkins

August 7, 2023


Wednesday greetings. I trust that the week is going well for each of you.

On Sunday, I used the third criminal indictment of Donald John Trump as the starting point for a a reflection on Jesus teaching that it is what comes out of us, rather than what we take into us, that is of the greatest moral and spiritual consequence.

After worship, we had a marvelous conversation about the topic in which the question “must we always tell the truth?” was raised.

Thank you to Dale Edmondson for this insight from martyr/pastor/theologian Deitrich Bonhoeffer.


Bonhoeffer has an interesting discussion of lies in his Ethics. Lies need to be viewed within the broader context of the nature of “truth.” In his chapter, “What is meant by ‘Telling the Truth,'” he says, “‘telling the truth’ means something different according to the particular situation in which one stands.” And, “‘Telling the truth’ is not solely a matter of moral charter; it is also a matter of correct appreciation of real situations and of serious reflection upon them.”

He gives a fascinating example of teacher asked a young boy in front of his class whether his father regularly comes home drunk. It is the case, but the boy denies it. He gives an arresting analysis including the nature of the family and the immaturity of the child, finally saying, “The child’s answer can indeed be called a ‘lie’ yet this lie contains more truth, that is to say, it is more in accordance with reality than would have been the case if the child had betrayed his father’s weakness in front of the class.”



In worship we offered a prayer of blessing on the households that are part of the start of the school year. Here is a beautiful prayer of blessing from Nate Milheim of the Oakland Leadership Center

A Prayer of Blessing for Oakland Students:
May you know that you will be okay.
You are loved and cared for.
Know that you are unique and of great value.
As you walk onto that campus may you be confident and secure
May you see the people around you and know that you don’t know what each of them is going through
May you find grace and be graceful to others
Hold onto hope even when things seem hopeless
May your teachers know that they too are loved, cared for, and bring unique gifts to your classroom.
Let us learn to love and support each other as we establish new rhythms and patterns today.
Be safe.
Find joy.
Learn something new.
Take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful moment.
We’re gonna be okay

I would appreciate it if you some of you could represent us by participating (by Zoom) in Saturday’s Evergreen Baptist Associational Meeting. (10:00 – n00n)


Another opportunity for Saturday – Stand with LABC and FIAEB for Housing Justice

Rally for Housing Flyer (1)



Jim H.


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