Midweek Message

Update, Thursday, April 22 (Easter Season)

Jim Hopkins

April 21, 2021


There will be a quarterly meeting of the congregation following worship on Sunday. The main business will be approval of the 2021 Social Concerns Budget. There will also be updates from the Re-Gathering Task Force (Think July 11!) and the multi-phase organ refurbishment project.

The tentative agenda is –

Opening Prayer


Financial Report

Regathering Task Force Update

Social Concerns Budget Recommendations

Organ Refurbishment

Other Business

Closing Prayer

The Social Concerns Budget represents a significant portion (approximatley 33%), but certainly not the totality, of LABC’s mission, or external ministries, giving. It does not include the Hunger Task Force, the Fellowship Fund, the four denominational offerings or our monthly outreach offerings. The proposed 2021 budget amount is projected to be 7.5% of our annual pledge giving.

Together In Spirit meets on LABC Zoom tonight at 6:00