Midweek Message

LABC Update – September 1, 2021

Jim Hopkins

August 31, 2022


Predictably, the coming of September is going bring with it the most intense heat wave of the year to the Bay Area. Please take precautions including staying in the shade and staying hydrated. Sunday is predicted to be the warmest day of the weekend. A good day to be in the relative cool of the Sanctuary.

While a hot Labor Day weekend is not necessarily evidence of climate change, as Dale Edmondson’s reflection points out, such evidence is all around us even as the call to be better stewards of creation is ever with us.

Pastor Jim

THE RHINE – A memorable experience of my student years was a trip up the Rhine. One could see the double spires of the cathedral of Cologne, move past the Bonn of Beethoven, look up at the castles on peaks high above, and continue to Mainz, infamous for its bishop whom Luther challenged in an argument that divided the western world. My Rhine Journey was a delight. This morning’s New York Times contains a picture of the Rhine, a photograph of the river near Bingen. Its riverbed looks disturbingly like the Mojave Desert. The accompanying article says the trip up the Rhine is now to be taken by bus. I turn a few pages in the paper and see a report that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet will raise sea level by 10 inches even if all warming were to end now. So many facts about climate change! We know them—facts piled on facts—but their impact becomes real when it begins to touch my life and the memories which have made it so rich.

– Dale


Together In Spirit with Pastor Carolyn resumes this evening at 6:00!

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