Midweek Message

Update, Saturday, November 28, 2020

Jim Hopkins

November 27, 2020


I trust that you all are staying well as our restrained celebration of Thanksgiving continues.

The native people of North America are central to the story of Thanksgiving as they are central to the history of our nation. In recognition of this, the day after Thanksgiving is Native American Heritage Day in the United States.

To honor this heritage I will read the following land acknowledgement early in tomorrow’s First Sunday of Advent worship service.

We stand on the traditional lands of the ones who we know today as the Ohlone people. Ohlone Territory spans from San Francisco East towards Oakland and South towards Monterey. There are 8 language dialects within this territory and historically there are over 60 village sites.We are in Yelamu. The first language spoken on these lands is Ramaytush.It is important that we recognize the original stewards of the territory. We pay our respect to elders both past and present. We acknowledge that not only are we on their lands but that they are still here and part of the community.There are active community groups that have indigenous ancestry to this territory and they are called the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone people.

Onethe of my favorite spots in the East Bay Regional Parks is this bench on the Leona Canyon trail, not far from the Merritt College parking lot. It pays tribute to the Jalquin/Irgin tribe, part of the larger group that came to be known as the Ohlone.

For a further consideration of the continuing presence of native people among us I invite you to join us for LABC Reads at 9:00 today as we discuss “There There” by Tommy Orange.

A Time For Prayer will a celebrate a time of thanksgiving and song this morning at 10:00.


Pastor Jim