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LABC Update – Saturday February 17, 2024

Jim Hopkins

February 16, 2024

Presidents Weekend Reflection

Come see the LORD’s deeds what devastation he has imposed on the earth – bringing wars to an end in every corner of the world, breaking the bow and shattering the spear, burning chariots of fire.
Psalm 46:8, Common English Bible

The Bible was composed over a period of centuries, it was written during times of war and during times of peace; its writers were familiar with both calm and chaos. One thing that unites this diverse body of literature is that the forms of government its writers are most familiar with are monarchy and empire. If they knew of functioning democracies, those societies were a distant dream to them. 

Another perspective that unifies the Jewish and Christian Bibles is the belief that though there are all sorts of judges, kings, governors, emperors and rulers, God alone is sovereign. The law, the writings, the prophets, the gospels and the letters all assert that the reign of God is supreme and eternal.

As opposed to the self -serving rule of many of kings and emperors known to the writers of the Bible, God’s rule is concerned with the well being of both created beings and the created order. As Psalm 46 states beautifully, the LORD is intent on ending the proliferation of deadly weapons, the LORD brings devastation on weapons of mass destruction.

Presidents of the United States of America, like the kings of ancient Israel, are well served by remembering that they are under God. They are elected by the people to seek the people’s well-being. The office of President was created in the Constitution of the United States to protect the Constitution to, seek the well-being of created beings, to pursue the health of the created order.

Some presidents have done this well, some have done it poorly, all have done it imperfectly. Thus, on this Presidents weekend in a presidential election year, we do well to consider what is we can fairly expect of those who would seek this office. I would assert that among the needed virtues are evidence of commitment to the well-being of created beings and the created order, a track record of respecting the Constitution, and a profound humility that comes with knowing that while they are invested with great power, they are under God, a God intent on shattering the spears we aim at each other.

Pastor Jim

And I guess what I would say is, in this next campaign, take a look at the people who are running. If they don’t remind you of the great presidents, do not vote for them.
Michael Bechloss, American historian specializing in the US presidency

The California Primary Election is March 5th. Vote.


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