Midweek Message

LABC Update – Saturday, February 11. 2023

Jim Hopkins

February 10, 2023

Thank you to The Reverend Dr. Zulu Lemtur for this beautiful prayer which he offered in worship on February 5th.

O God of all creation, we thank you and praise you for who you are. We thank you for your eternal presence and your gracious care that follows us throughout all our lives. We especially thank you for your steadfast love which always embraces us and walks with us.  Grant us the strength of faith to hold on and believe even when the way seems unclear and our circumstances seem confusing and overwhelming.

Lord of Light, you have shown us through your Son Jesus, a new way to live.  You have given the light to the world and shown us how to live in the light rather than in darkness. You assure us to be our light in all our walks of life and ask us to trust you. Loving God, you are the source of our strength, hope, and healing. In the midst of this gathered community lie so many needs. We pray today for those who are sick and grieving, those who are frightened and discouraged, and those who are weary, tired, and in need of shelter.  May you grant us health, wellness, wholeness and hope to those who need your healing and comfort. And for each one of us who is bowed down with uncertainty about tomorrow, shelter each of us in the embrace of your Spirit, that we might know we are never alone.

God we remember the crisis that is happening across the globe today. We pray for peace and healing. We pray for the leaders of the world, grant to them great wisdom and strength that they will govern in truth, justice and in peace. We especially pray for peace in Ukraine. Let your light shine on them, bringing healing, peace and hope. Please help us to remember that we are called to be the hope of the world in troubling times.  Show us to be the light of the world and in all that we do and say so that we can rekindle the light and hope for the world.

Help us in the growth process of our spirituality. Increase our own appreciation of who you are, how you love all of humankind, not just us or even those like us. Give us the heart so that we can love those who are very different from ourselves, those whose skin is a different color, those whose culture and even values are different from ours, those whose religious convictions are different from ours, and those whose economic level are far below or far above ours. Because you love all, we ask you to help the oppressed – the victims of hunger, and racial discrimination and those whose individual freedoms are prohibited by political forces which initiate great injustice. As we celebrate African American History month, help us to be the agents of change being free in our choices, vocation and lives and be the beacon of hope so that freedom rings in and through us. Also grant us the courageous faith of those who have gone before us, so that we may continue this work together of freedom, transformation and radical love. Help us to build community of oneness not segregated by race, ethnicity or culture. Make us more sensitive to you and to one another. Give us the humility and boldness. Shepherd us in our own spiritual pilgrimage. Give us the courage to be merciful, the endurance to be faithful to those in our care, just as you are with each of us. It is in the name of the one true and everlasting God, Son and Holy Spirit that we pray. Amen.


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