Midweek Message

LABC Update – Monday, September 26, 2022

Jim Hopkins

September 25, 2022

This prayer was included in letter dated September 19, 1956, that Dr. King sent to a white southerner named Sally Canada, who had staunchly supported segregation on religious ground in an earlier letter to him. “Why can’t the Negro be what the God Almighty made him – an Negro – and stop trying to push in with the whites?” asked Canada in her letter.

God grant that the day will come when we all can live in this society as brothers and children of a common father on a non-segregated basis. It is still true that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, Negro nor white, and that out of one blood God made all men to dwell upon the face of the earth.

Kings message still rings true. His prayer still speak to our deepest needs.

Thanks to all for a magnificent Homecoming Sunday. For some reason the thought of Homecoming makes me nervous. It has for many years. However, this year’s celebration was happy and easy going. Maybe it was being outside, maybe it was the theme of gratitude and celebration. Regardless, I really liked Homecoming 2022. Pastor Jim