Midweek Message

LABC Update – Monday, May 22, 2023

Jim Hopkins

May 20, 2023


When I hear someone say something like, “The problems we have today started when they took prayer out of the public schools,” I get really frustrated. One reason is that when public prayers were mandated in our schools, lynchings, child-labor, spousal abuse, child abuse, alcohol abuse and the list goes on, were rampant. Mandated prayer did not prevent or fix any of these evils.

Another reason is that prayer was not taken out of public schools. Mandated prayer was deemed unconstitutional, yet voluntary prayer was not. As the linked article makes clear, prayer is still alive and well in public schools as long as it not forced by the school, or those in power in the school community, on those who choose not to participate.




The old slogan remains true, the separation of church and state is good for both.


Pastor Jim