Midweek Message

LABC Update – Monday, May 15, 2023

Jim Hopkins

May 13, 2023


Our theme in worship this coming Sunday will be protection. One of the frequent prayers of the Bible is for protection and God is often spoken of as our protector. These are beautiful hopes. Yet, they inevitably raise the question, “How does God protect us?”

One answer is that God in the kingdom to come gives us a home, a dwelling place that is beyond time and place, and that in the kingdom at hand God gives us homes, places of shelter and belonging.

Psalm 16:6 puts it this way –  The property lines have fallen beautifully for me; yes, I have a lovely home. (CEB)  

Let us begin the week by giving thanks for our homes, places where we experience help, hope and healing. Let us begin the week with a prayer for those who are in need of a place to call home.

Pastor Jim