Midweek Message

LABC Update – February 25, 2023

Jim Hopkins

February 22, 2023

Our preacher tomorrow is Julian Nesbitt. Here is a quote from his sermon, which is titled “Soul Food.” 

If France has baguettes, India has chapati, and West Africa has ngome, than America has cornbread. From native people who cultivated corn here thousands of years before, to West African descendants who cultivated it before during and after slavery, corn is ubiquitous with American life, and that is especially true for the black children of God. Cornbread has persisted through all migrations, movements, and more. “The most popular rations that were given out to enslaved people as inexpensive, irrelevant staples were cornmeal. You simply take the cornmeal, combine with water and you cook the cake over ashes and you have your meal. At the end of the day, cornbread this staple of our cuisine, came out of scraps that masters threw to slaves. It is from cornmeal we then get coatings for meat and fish for frying, cakes, and grits. Recipes that, again, have helped define our community and take us to new heights, leading us to soul food. Sure we could’ve just eaten the food back then and carried on, not put any sweetener or flavors and that would be it, but we did more with it.

So back to Jesus in the desert, Jesus with his not sandy hair and brown complexion. Jesus wouldn’t squander his power and give in to the temptation of the rocks being turned to bread, because he knows there is more waiting. The five loaves and two fish were still waiting. We can only imagine what he would do if he had cornbread.

Please join us to hear the entire sermon!

Our annual Soul Food Dinner returns in person following worship. Tickets are $15.


LABC Zoom Link – LABC Reads discusses “American Sirens: The Incredible Story of The Black Men Who Became America’s First Paramedics” this morning at 9:00. Pastor Carolyn leads A Time For Prayer at 10:00.

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Prayers for The Reverend Robert Wilkins who, unexpectedly, needed to undergo some medical treatments this week. He is recuperating well but is unable to preach tomorrow. We are grateful to The Reverend Wally Bryen for agreeing to be our proclaimer.